Dombok2Zalaegerszeg is one of the most dynamically developing cities of western Hungary. Lying among picturesque hills, having 60,000 inhabitants, this place is not only the seat of Zala county, but it is an essential touristic center, too, Lake Balaton, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia being nearby, as well as having unique thermal spas.

The earlier dominant food- and light industry gave place to the extremely developed machine and electronics industry, the former producing basically for the German market. Not to mention the essential role of the traditional oil industry, the financial service sector and the tourist industry.

Throughout the past years, with EU assistance, the railroad crossing the city has been relocated, as a result of which Zalaegerszeg has joined the pan-European railway corridor number 5, the selective waste disposal program and the sewerage project has been completed, due to which the city has become one of the few places in Hungary that have the most modern communal infrastructure. Right now, partly with EU assistance, a major drinking-water project and the reconstruction of the downtown are taking place.

In addition to the major projects, in terms of the proportional development of the city, the modernization of Zalaegerszeg’s main roads has been started, several streets have been reconstructed, new bicycle roads and parking lots have been built.

74es_ut_67268An important endeavor of the leaders of the city is to create new workplaces in addition to the existing ones. To make it happen, the fourth industrial park has been set up lately, where a special incubator house helps the settling enterprises. New enterprises are also motivated by the 95-point investment program, the outstanding facilities, the well-trained employees and the fact that in Zalaegerszeg for them the only local tax to pay is the local trade tax.

The most important goal for the near future- related to the “Széchenyi Program” is to achieve the city development program that includes the followings: to assist the local and new enterprises, to reform vocational training, to develop institutions and to continue reconstructing public utilities. The eco-city project is also crucial. This project aims at Zalaegerszeg becoming a city where high-quality drinking water is available for generations ahead, where public transport uses bio-gas generated at sewage dumps, where more and more selective waste is being recycled and where energy service uses the city’s thermal sources. At last but not least, the M9 dual carriageway project plans to solve the problem of the missing access-road, making it also possible to strengthen the economic relations with the near cities Szombathely and Nagykanizsa and Vas county.


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