03-Kopia-IMG_0136Krosno is medieval fortified town situated south part of Poland. Former Royal Free Town, a border trade centre between Poland – Slovakia and Poland – Hungary. At present, covering the area of 43,5 km2 and having the population of about 50 thousand inhabitants, Krosno is a town having the rights of powiat (=borough/county; second level of local government administration in Poland) and the seat of the Krosno Powiat local government of ten surrounding districts/communes. From 30th June, 1975 to 31st December, 1998 the town was the capital of the Krosno Province. Krosno is situated in the Carpathian Euro-region which comprises the borderlands of Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania.


04-Kopia-IMG_0135Over 5 thousand business entities operate in the town. About 99 % of them are private enterprises. Krosno is an industrial centre of great diversification of sectors in which particular businesses decided to base and develop their operations here.

Glass industry center in Poland.

Krosno is the largest glass industry centre in the country. While other Polish glass manufacture centres are based close to the places where raw material (special sand) is found, Krosno has rich natural gas underground reservoirs which provide energy for glass melting processes, which is an advantage, as glass manufacture is an energy-consuming industry. Long-standing tradition in production and decorating glassware is also a regionally decisive factor for the development of this sector in Krosno.

01-IMG_4101Krosno is an important centre of the „Aviation Valley”.

Aircraft industry and related sectors are triving. Qualified and experienced engineering staff is the town’s advantage as well as the local airfield which is to be expanded to provide the best possible conditions for the development of the aircraft manufactuting industry businesses.

Automotive industry

China BWI Corporation, a leader in automotive products and systems, runs one of its facilities in Krosno. BWI Poland Industries S.A. Branch in Krosno manufactures shock absorbers, suspension modules, exhaust manifolds with catalysts suction manifolds for combustion engines, gas springs and steering rods.

05-DSC_0225-lot-170-a1The company is the leader among shock absorbers suppliers in the Middle and Eastern Europe. The list of its customers includes Ferrari, BMW, Fiat, Opel, Daimler-Chrysler, Ford/Land Rover, Suzuki, Daewoo and PSA Peugeot Citroen Corporation.

Cradle of the world oil industry

For more than 150 years crude oil and natural gas have been produced from the reservoirs situated in Krosno and its environs. In 1854 the first crude oil producing well was set up in Bóbrka near Krosno. Ever since the crude oil and natural gas production has been one of the major industries in the Podkarpacie region.

06-IMG_1264Furniture manufacturing centre

In 1992 Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o. was set up. The corporation manufactures office furniture including chairs, armchairs and other components of a modern office outfit and furnishing. The dynamic growth of the company brought it to the top among the European and worldwide leaders in furniture manufacturing. The Nowy Styl-branded products are exported to more than 60 countries of the world

Other industries

Cellfast S.A.specializes in plastics processing and produces garden hoses and accessories as well as water-spout systems. Cellfast counts among leading players in this industry in Europe.

07-zdjecie-042During 15 years in Krosno economy many things was change. Fading light industry manufacturing linen and industry developed new technologies associated with the production air. Significantly expanded was the glass industry and furniture production. Working in Krosno, a powerful company with American capital, The NOWY STYL Company - manufacturer of office furniture and stadium seats sells its products worldwide. Most stadium seats for sports, which have arisen in the last decade comes from Krosno. U.S. Company Goodrich Krosno manufactures landing gear for Boeing aircraft and the F-16. Through public-private partnership to develop tourism and trade: Gallery and Hotel Portius. A major impetus for the development of the economy becomes a modernized aircraft in Krosno, at which the formation of two investment zones with a total surface of approximately 100 hectares and express road S-19, which will become a corridor connecting the Baltic States European Countries with with the Balkan Peninsula.